Figure 18; Dollar Value of Excessive Growth in Select 2022 Budgets

Dollar Value of Excessive 2022 Budget Growth
The percentage growth doesnít really show you the impact this growth has on taxes.  To see the real impact we plotted the dollar value of the growth in each of these departments.  As shown in figure 18 above, the growth in Transit dominates the graph with growth of $504,248. 

The city managerís office operated with a budget of $373,055 in 2021 and now in 2022 requires $641,136.  

The total value of the growth in these five departments is $1,057,241 as calculated using the individual 2022 budgets from the city's website. If we use the data provided in the 2022 Budget Tally Sheet, as presented on the city's website, the total value of just these five departments is $880,513 or $176,728 less that the actual 2022 budget sheets.