Figure 11; Comparison of Owen Sound Wages - source: Statistic Canada

How Owen Sound Wages Compare with other Ontario Municipalities
As shown in figure 11, wages in Owen Sound are one of the lowest in sample group of municipalities. Wages are fairly similar for Owen Sound, Midland and Collingwood making taxes, as outlined before and shown in figure 10, the overriding factor in choosing a location to settle.

Now if we examine what percent of your wages that you have to pay in property taxes on your home we get a much better picture of the real impact of successive years of uncontrolled growth.  Figure 12, on the next page, illustrates that property taxes represent a larger portion of Owen Sound taxpayer’s wages than any other community in the sample group.  Residents in Midland actually have lower wages than Owen Sound residents but pay a far smaller portion of their wages to property taxes as shown on the next page in figure 12.